Welcome to the International Clinical Librarian Conference 2011

The 5th International Clinical Librarian Conference is in Europe next year (2011) at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens in the UK.

This will be a fascinating and stimulating two day conference, that will be of interest to all librarians and health researchers, who help clinicians find the evidence they need to do their work. It follows on from the very successful 4th International Conference, that brought together librarians from all over the world at a joint conference with the International Congress of Medical Librarians in Brisbane, 2009.



The cost of the conference has been held since last year. For the two days of the event, the cost is £250. If you can only attend one day, the cost is £150.

About The Conference


The Conference Venue and Location should provide delight to all attendees.

In the heart of England within easy reach of Stratford and the Cotswolds, if you would like to extend your stay in the area.

Birmingham is a shopper's dream and for those who prefer more horticultural pastimes, our venue, the Botanical Gardens, will provide a wonderful adjunct to the stimulating content of the conference.



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